Engineers Improve Quality of Life for JSS Deason Soldiers

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BAGHDAD– Soldiers of 1434th Engineer Company have been working hard to complete construction on a new building at Joint Security Station Deason.  The new facility is expected to improve the quality of life for Soldiers of the 17th Military Transition Team, stationed there.

The new construction will provide additional space for Soldiers to use the internet, call home and hold religious services.

“The current area where Soldiers can go to call home or get online is extremely limited,” said Warrant Officer Summers, a Soldier with the 1434th Engineer Company,  from Grayling, Mich. “It is a small building with a handful of computers and phones that does not have enough space to adequately meet the needs of all of the Soldiers here.”

Additionally, according to Summers, the design of the new facility will provide increased privacy for Soldiers to check their e-mail or call loved ones back home. Currently, the phones and internet are in a small building cramped together.

“The new building will allow for twice as much space for Soldiers to be able to get online, and separate the phone area from the internet area,” said Summers.

Common practice for the engineers is to pre-fabricate pieces of buildings prior to arriving on-site.  In this case, the pre-fabrication allowed the construction to proceed smoothly, the majority of which was completed in just under two weeks.

According to Spc. Joshua Gapske, a member of the 1434th Engineer Company, from Alpena, Mich., Soldiers at Deason are excited about the new facility.

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